In her interpretation work, Olimpia  focuses on ensuring that the speaker’s message (including words, innuendos, and emotions) is made available in the audience’s language. Using a note-taking technique developed over the years, she is able to attentively listen to the speaker, and relay the same message and effect that the speaker intended in the original language. She also attends to cultural differences that could affect the meaning of the message.

Olimpia’s interpretation assignments have included:

  • Simultaneous interpretation of keynote-conference speakers for sectors of an audience
  • Consecutive interpretation for keynote speakers and panel presenters
  • Simultaneous interpretation during one-on-one meetings between clients and lawyers
  • Consecutive interpretation of during workshops
  • Consecutive and simultaneous interpretation for group members in support groups

For a sample of Olimpia’s interpretation work, click on the link below:

Aluna Theatre’s “panamerican Routes” Human Rights Festival and Conference 2014 (9:09 to 53:15)