Since 2004, Olimpia has provided translation and interpretation to a wide range of organizations and groups over the years, including small, medium and large-sized not-for-profit organizations, solidarity networks, theatre companies, immigration lawyers, universities, among others.

Although her work is varied in scope, her niche is working alongside organizations to ensure social, environmental and political documents are effectively translated taking into consideration the target audience, cultural norms, idioms, and tone — in translation,  and that public speakers and individuals in private meetings are able to interact with their interlocutors sharing their exact message in the language they prefer — in interpretation. Her fees vary according to the specific project.

Areas of Expertise

Beyond Olimpia’s excellent research skills which enable her to tackle a varied range of topics, her areas of expertise include:

  • Human rights
  • Natural resource extraction
  • International relations and development
  • Micro-financing and cooperatives
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Intercultural bilingual education
  • Violence against women
  • LGBTQ issues
  • Cross-cultural relations