Olimpia Boido B.A., M.A., grew up in Argentina, immigrated to Canada in the 1990’s, and has worked and lived in different areas of Canada, Guatemala and Argentina since. In 2009, she moved to Toronto where she is growing roots while maintaining significant links with various projects and communities in Latin America.

Through her undergraduate work at the University of Calgary in International Development and French, and her graduate work at the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute of Studies in Education which examines intercultural issues in Latin America, Olimpia strengthened her skills in all three languages, and developed a deeper understanding of the sociopolitical context of the Americas. Her academic background also bolstered her research skills which contribute to her ability to tackle a variety of translation and interpretation projects, ensuring that the result meets the requirements of the specific audience, field, and cultural context.

Experience in Translation and Interpretation:

Olimpia first learned Spanish, and acquired a native command of English through immigration to Canada at an early age. Having mastered English, and acknowledging her knack for languages, she picked up French through university courses in Canada, as well as through two years of living in France while doing regular academic work in Grenoble and Dijon.

Further to her academic coursework in translation using all three languages, Olimpia has acquired significant experience in translation and interpretation in the last ten years as part of her responsibilities in paid and volunteer work in Guatemala and Canada. Her translation/interpretation services in the last five years have served to hone these skills.

Experience in Human Rights, Social and Environmental Issues:

Throughout her work in Canada, Guatemala and Argentina over the last 10 years, Olimpia has engaged in the following areas through employment and volunteer work:

•  Canadian Businesses and Human Rights in Latin America
•  Immigration Advocacy/Settlement Work with Newcomers to Canada
•  Permaculture and Environmental Awareness
•  Intercultural Bilingual Education Program Development
•  Violence Against Women